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Имя с открытки - Francis Luis Mora (1874-1940)

F. Luis Mora (1874–1940)Mrs. F. Luis Mora and Her Sister (509x700, 138Kb)
Mrs. F. Luis Mora and Her Sister

1я (544x600, 96Kb)

2я (490x600, 106Kb)

134 (438x626, 72Kb)

263 (560x700, 53Kb)

5093 (700x547, 112Kb)

Flowers of the Field (629x698, 150Kb)

Flowers of the Field

Las Manolas  (700x634, 76Kb)

Lawn Party (700x585, 77Kb)

Francis_Luis_Mora (500x670, 66Kb)

Morning News (700x508, 110Kb)

Out of Town Trolley (700x517, 157Kb)
Out of Town Trolley

Spanish Color Fantasy (526x700, 104Kb)
Spanish Color Fantasy

Study of nude woman with headscarf (506x680, 83Kb)

The Artist\'s Father in the Studio (454x700, 149Kb)

The Artist's Father in the Studio

The National Academy Jury of 1907 (699x495, 104Kb)

The National Academy Jury of 1907

Woman in White with Pink Flowers (300x600, 45Kb)

Women in an Interior (490x699, 127Kb)

Steinway, Ruinstein Plays For The Czar (500x601, 92Kb)
Steinway, "Rubinstein Plays For The Czar"

Renaissance (700x423, 128Kb)


father_lg (597x700, 145Kb)
Portrait of my Father

laura_lg (466x700, 322Kb)
Portrait of my Mother

Jeanne Cartier (329x700, 291Kb)

Jeanne Cartier

Gypsy Camp (700x465, 134Kb)

Gypsy Camp

Color Harmony, Caprice (513x700, 121Kb)
Color Harmony, Caprice

napping_lg (627x618, 138Kb)

Salome (343x700, 65Kb)

Shadows in the Orchard (700x507, 195Kb)
Shadows in the Orchard

Sleeping Child (500x650, 123Kb)
Sleeping Child

On the El (242x322, 35Kb)
On the Elevated

Study for In Costume (568x665, 176Kb)
Study for In Costume

The Artist in His Studio (532x700, 526Kb)
The Artist in His Studio

The Fortune Teller (543x700, 512Kb)
The Fortune Teller

The Morning News (395x700, 345Kb)
The Morning News (Rosemary)

The Spanish Shawl (595x658, 134Kb)
The Spanish Shawl

The Vision (Fantasy) of Goya (463x641, 146Kb)

The Vision (Fantasy) of Goya

Nymphs Dancing in Forest (417x652, 120Kb)

Nymphs Dancing in Forest

Rosemary\'s Bedroom (472x700, 114Kb)

Rosemary's Bedroom

mora\'s14 (517x622, 67Kb)

Feeding Rosemary

picnic2 (700x523, 74Kb)

Twilight Picnic

portra22 (401x700, 47Kb)

Portrait of Sophia Brown Compton, the artist's future wife

4 (600x602, 53Kb)

Tags: живопись, старинные открытки, художники
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