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Имя с открытки - Robert Walker Macbeth (1848-1910)

2 (513x700, 150Kb)

Mother and Daughter on a Swing (Happy Times)

1 (700x573, 384Kb)

Faire Pledges of a Fruitful Tree

3 (584x700, 509Kb)

Osier Peeling on the Cam

4 (700x458, 85Kb)

The Ballad Seller

5 (567x700, 125Kb)

The Nightingale's Song

6 (700x458, 129Kb)

Our First Tiff

7 (700x520, 57Kb)

The Lass that a Sailor Loves

R (700x400, 214Kb)

The Ferry

ы (700x415, 125Kb)

On the way to market - "And the floods are out"

1890 (700x415, 329Kb)

The Cast Shoe

в (700x408, 134Kb)

Winnowing mustard seed

Lambing Time (700x410, 448Kb)

Lambing Time

а (700x437, 96Kb)

Lynn ferry

п (700x516, 132Kb)


о (470x700, 146Kb)

The Season of Mellow Fruitfulness

л (700x480, 126Kb)

His last copper

д (484x700, 131Kb)

The Gypsy's Sunday

Youth and old age (700x524, 205Kb)

Youth and old age

Faggot Gatherer (700x503, 443Kb)

Faggot Gatherer

The Market Place (700x452, 462Kb)

The Market Place

The Gypsy Violinist (700x501, 401Kb)

The Gypsy Violinist

ф (700x454, 411Kb)

р (560x700, 199Kb)

The Cloister of the World

Fishing folk on the pier (700x446, 331Kb)

Fishing folk on the pier

The Fisherman\'s wife (574x700, 305Kb)

The Fisherman's wife

Midnight Moths (699x491, 247Kb)

Midnight Moths

Standing female nude (423x700, 319Kb)

Standing female nude

c (700x437, 352Kb)

x (700x571, 345Kb)

z (700x459, 398Kb)

Tags: живопись, старинные открытки, художники
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