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Имя с открытки - John Simmons (1823-1876)

John Simmons - A Chance Encounter 1870 (700x486, 204Kb)

A Chance Encounter

John Simmons - Titania (582x700, 178Kb)


titania (538x700, 510Kb)


John Simmons (1823-1876) (700x519, 133Kb)

Scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream

John Simmons - MidSummer Night (500x700, 181Kb)

MidSummer Night

there-lies-titania (700x576, 593Kb)

There Lies Titania

2 (700x665, 219Kb)

1 (700x585, 177Kb)

Titania sleeping in the moonlight protected by her fairies

the-honey-bags-steal-from-the-humble-bees (541x700, 159Kb)

The Honey-Bags Steal From The Humble Bees

John Simmons - Hermia and Lysander, A Midsummer Night\'s Dream (587x700, 533Kb)

Hermia and Lysander, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

John Simmons - Fairy Lying on a Leaf (691x700, 224Kb)

Fairy Lying on a Leaf

Morning (700x592, 65Kb)


John Simmons - The Evening Star (700x586, 162Kb)

The Evening Star

The morning star (700x551, 137Kb)

The morning star

girl-holding-a-lily (509x700, 108Kb)

Girl Holding A Lily

a-girl-standing-by-a-waterfall (460x700, 133Kb)

A Girl Standing By A Waterfall

a-walk-in-the-summer-fields (700x488, 134Kb)

A walk in the summer fields

A day out on the seashore (700x583, 114Kb)

A day out on the seashore

By the window (553x700, 142Kb)

By the window

Half length portrait of a girl in a landscape (433x700, 199Kb)

Half length portrait of a girl in a landscape

A Lady by the Sea (491x700, 84Kb)

A Lady by the Sea

Tags: живопись, старинные открытки, художники

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