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Из старых журналов - мода 1870-х

1874 England, The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine-1 (488x700, 409Kb)

1874 (534x700, 154Kb)

1874-1 (457x700, 126Kb)

1875 (515x700, 357Kb)

1875-1 (518x700, 342Kb)

1875 (700x556, 365Kb)

1875-2 (700x519, 367Kb)

1876 the Netherlands, De Gracieuse (459x700, 258Kb)

1876 England, The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine (520x700, 431Kb)

1877 France, Journal des Demoiselles et Petit Courrier des Dames Réunis (511x700, 445Kb)

Fashion plate, 1870, Peterson’s Magazine (399x700, 299Kb)

Fashion plate, 1873 (700x513, 396Kb)

Fashions of 1873 (569x700, 519Kb)

France, 1870s (609x700, 492Kb)

France, 1879 (512x700, 396Kb)

godeys1874[1] (700x568, 553Kb)

New York fashions, 1874 (536x700, 435Kb)

The Englishwomans Domestic Magazine, July 1877) (538x700, 441Kb)
1876 (513x700, 316Kb)

1876-1 (700x506, 320Kb)

1877 (475x700, 448Kb)

Fashions of 1874 (546x700, 428Kb)

Fashions of 1875 (567x700, 465Kb)

February 1875 Peterson’s Magazine (700x580, 446Kb)


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